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As one of the top 30 most connected ASN's within the US, we can guarantee your traffic will take the shortest as-path length possible to your destination. AS393577, our ASN, is a network built with reliability and quality in mind.

Quality peering

BGP Expertise

Global Reach

Built from scratch
Our network was built from the ground up with reliability and quality in mind. We've put in the time to ensure that our network is fully redundant and can handle any traffic load that comes our way.
Our backbone is supported through a blend of transit and peering with multiple Tier 1 providers and noteworthy networks to ensure that our customers have the best possible routing experience. We have multiple 1-10gb links around the globe and are always looking to expand our network.
All of our transit links are fully redundant and are monitored 24/7 by our Network Operations Team. We have a 99.3% uptime guarantee on all of the transit links we provide. We also provide a 98% uptime SLA on our network.
Extremely Connected
We have a large peering network that spans across multiple continents. We peer with multiple Tier 1 providers, as well as many other networks. We have a strict peering policy and only peer with networks that are able to meet our requirements. If you would like to peer with us, please contact us.
Our network has direct peering with the following noteworthy networks: Cloudflare, Quad9, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Multiple Tier 1s, Amazon, Vultr, Akamai, Hivelocity, OVH, M247 (Proton, etc.), T-Mobile, Netflix, eBay, Wave Broadband, Twitter, Multiple Government-run ISPs, Booking.com, Cisco OpenDNS, Valve, Multiple Universities, Fastly, Zoho, Performive, Roblox, OpenBSD.
Respectable Upstreams
We have a respectable blend of transit providers that we utilize to ensure that our network is always up and running. Our current blend of transit providers includes:
  • Arelion (AS1299)
  • Hurricane Electric (AS6939)
  • Cogent (AS174)
  • Path (AS396998)
  • GTT (AS3257)
  • GSL (AS137409)
Automated Filter Updates
Have a bunch of downstreams? We'd love to transit them through you! We offer automated filter updates to ensure that your prefixes are always up to date and that your traffic is always flowing smoothly.
Our automated filter updates are powered by a combination of open source tools and custom scripts that we've developed in-house. We're always looking to improve our tools and are open to suggestions on how we can make them better.
Routing Security
We take routing security very seriously. We have implemented RPKI, ROA, and BGP Flowspec to ensure that our network is secure and that our customers are protected from any potential routing attacks.
We also have a strict peering policy and only peer with networks that are able to meet our requirements. If you would like to peer with us, please contact us.
To learn more about precautions taken, please view our routing policies.
Points of Presence
We have points of presence and edge routers throughout multiple continents around the world. We currently offer hosting and transit services in the following locations:
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Tampa, FL
  • Seattle, WA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Houston, TX
  • Saint Louis, MO

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